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Mike McGregor - Retired

Appliance Specialists

“Perfection in Service”

(435) 673-5600

350 E. 600 So. Ste #2, St.George, Utah 84770

Call a dealer - a friend - a co-worker - a stranger and ask about us!

  • We are VERY HONEST ! ! !    Our prices are very fair and lower than most.
  • Mike opened Appliance Specialists in St.George in August of 1975, specializing in service to dealers and customers alike.   Mike and John have been doing repairs since before 1968; our Technitions are extremely "seasoned", thorough, quick, and knowledgeable.  Mike retired on 04-30-2019 and gave his business to Jason Brown and Jason's dad John Brown.  Both have been working with Mike for many years and you will get the same service you have been getting.
  • We have completed in excess of 95,000 service calls locally and have had roughly 120 call back repairs since opening; almost all of those calls caused by failed parts.  ie: We do it right the first time! 
  • We do it right and "Perfection in Service"  will remain our motto.
  • Our techs are absolutely honest, very efficient, and well trained.  We have the proper, up-to-date equipment and tools at hand.
  • We have one of the largest parts stocks South of Salt Lake City.  We DO sell parts!
  • We use only Genuine brand name Factory OEM parts (original equipment manufacturer).  Sorry - if you want "generic" please don't ask.  As a result our parts and service will last the time and not just a few months or a year.
  • We can often do board level repairs on complex electronic controls that can save hundreds in repairs.